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Hi! I'm Brock Doom.

This website is the only place where i will post my most playful, secret, and exciting pics and videos. I built this especially for you guys and girls who have enjoyed my work in the past and have repeatedly asked me to share my erotic adventures on my own official site.

This VIP account will give you access to all of my original movie scenes (with my favorite pornstar friends and fresh new models), awesome behind the scenes clips, amazing blowjob and sex photo sets, as well as updates on my productions, latest work, and even future trips or live performance dates.

So, get really comfortable, relax in your favorite chair or position, and dive into my sexual and sensual dream world, which I am sharing with you in its fullest capacity for the first time ever.

The price is right, and the content is dynamite!


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First food blog entry FINALLYYYY and here it is!

Posted: March, 09, 2016

Hey guys and gals! Yeah, so I know I'm terrible at updating my site, and I'm pretty much quite literally all over the place, but I promise to be better about doing it all more often, and will always give you the most unique and sexy content and stories possible. It's been a very busy few months, but I've decided to keep part of a food blog here at my site, so that it's a regular happening.

Well, as many of you know, I love all kinds of food, and among them is most definitely Mexican food. Now, I grew up in Texas, and was practically raised on Tex-Mex cuisine, so I've been into the various spices and tastes of the Southwest for quite some time. California food and authentic Mexican food, especially as it comes from so many different regions, can be very different in almost every way from Tex-Mex, but there are also many similarities. By the way, if you notice that I write in a lot of run-on sentences that's just because it's how I think, and therefore how I also am. Anyhow, I love A LOT of Mexican and Mexican-influenced restaurants in LA, but here I'm just gonna focus on only two of them... And they're both really friendly family spots that are fairly unknown to the masses. My favorite LA secret food spots...

Frank's Grill on Fairfax

Frank's is one of my favorite places to eat, like in the whole wide world. I've actually been eating there since about 1996 or 1997, which is crazy because I was just a kid. Frank, himself, is a real person, and the owner of the business, which used to be on Beverly Blvd but moved onto Fairfax Ave over 10 years ago. Frank's has everything you can imagine from a down-home homemade Mexican grill. My favorite things there are their amazing, and I really do mean amazing, Huevos Rancheros... And my favorite menu item of all, the very best chicken burrito IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, the chicken burrito. First off, the Huevos Rancheros are served on a big China plate (they usually use Asian-looking plate ware), and everything is perfectly nestled over some homemade flour & corn tortillas, then there are the delicious freshly cooked beans, perfectly made eggs served sunny side up, and lots of other yummy stuff inside and out. I love all of the fresh avocado on top and their salsas are off the chain. Such a hearty, huge, and healthy breakfast plate! Now for the burrito, which I have been eating since my childhood practically. Oh my gosh is all I can say. It's amazing. The fillings all change from time to time, but usually include rice, peas (yes I said peas!), black or pinto beans and one or two other veggies, plus a dabble of cheese and a nice good helping of their unbelievably delicious and tender chicken which has hints of teriyaki and spices just mildly enough to make it special. I usually also get some pico de gallo in there too, because it's a great way to add some vitamins to the mix. And I love the cilantro in there too. So, yeah, go to FRANK'S on Fairfax! Just look up Frank's Grill or Frank's on Fairfax on Google or Yelp!

Andy's On Vineland

Now for my other fave dive spot that rocks my world on an even more regular basis... Andy's in North Hollywood! Andy's is my favorite place to eat lunch when I'm in NoHo. It's in a very cool kinda hidden spot at the corner of Vineland Ave and Chandler right across from the Big Lots out there, and there's a really groovy mural of movie iconography that includes a rendition of Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson in Terry Gilliam's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"! Andy's is also family owned, and makes some amazing food that can't be beat especially for the great prices that they offer. Wow! My favorite things here are pretty much everything they make, but I absolutely love and am addicted to their chicken quesadillas (I sometimes order their shrimp quesadillas also, which are soooo good too!), which I always get either buffalo style (with buffalo sauce!) or BBQ style (with a sweet hickory BBQ sauce), and have pico de gallo added inside. I get them on either a tomato OR spinach tortilla (yes, they offer both!), and they're usually ready in just a few minutes. They serve them with freshly made tortilla chips, fresh guacamole, and a dab of sour cream. I always load up on salsas and hot Mexican pickles at their ample little salsa bar. And now for the finale... My other favorite thing at Andy's is actually a creation of mine... I call it their "Calexico Burger", and it's a cheeseburger (one patty or two is up to you) with pico de gallo, grilled onions, fresh slices of avocado and a little shredded lettuce served open faced on flat hot gordita bread. This plate is served with fries. I usually add a little bit of ketchup and some of their green tomatillo salsa. Best cheeseburger around. Will blow your mind. Total orgasm in your mouth.


Speaking of orgasms in your mouth... Until next time! xoxoxo

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